Adjust with having a second child

adjust having a second child

Children are gifts from the almighty. Every person wants to be get beautiful and healthy children. Life changes completely after your child is born. It becomes hectic, you are not only responsible for yourself and your family, and you also become responsible for your child. Many parents are also blessed with second child or sometimes even more! Dealing with two small children becomes a wonderful but monstrous task. We have some simple but effective steps to guide you how to adjust after having your second issue, here they are:

1. Do not ignore your three years old

Yes, when you have a two months old baby, it’s evident that you will give all your attention to him. This is the stage where you should not over look what your three years old child needs. Remember he is still very much dependant on you.

2. Let the bond grow between the siblings

A big brother will always take care of her little sister and vice versa. Teach your elder child how to look after the younger one, this lets a loving bond create between the two and also you have a few duties reduced.

3. When things are very tight

Make sure that one parent is with one child and the other with the second This delegation is very healthy for the proper bringing up of your children; both the parents can give 100% of their time to their babies.

4. Control the chaos

Yes things will be very much messed and muddled up, but do not let a chaos break out. Meditation gives mental peace, practice it. It lets you control your nerves.

5. Recognizing the two

Now you have two kids, recognize and come to terms with the fact that you have to deal with four years old and six months old. Both of them will have different personalities and needs.

6. Dads need to take out time from work

The mother has just delivered the baby she would not be completely fit to look after the two, dads need to take out time from work and look after the kids.

7. Engage other family members too

ask your family members and in laws to take charge of the elder one because it would be easier for the elder one to mix up with them.

8. Create an activity chart

Create an activity chart for your elder child; this will keep him engaged and occupied. This way you can divert all your attention towards the little one and you have to deal with only child at that point of time.

9. Hire a nanny

If you can hire a nanny for the first six months of your second baby, do it, the nanny would help you out in so many difficult cases where she will look after one child and you the other.

10. Keep things clean and hygienic

the elder kid is big enough to understand how to keep his hands and body clean, inculcate the value of cleanliness in him. It is bound to happen that the siblings will touch each other, if one is clean and tidy the other would definitely stay healthy.

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