10 recipes for kids whole family would love

Recipes for kids

It becomes highly monotonous when you cook normal curries and breads day and daily. Kids at their age are always excited to have some lip smacking food. But how can you manage to cook different cuisines every day? It becomes even more difficult if you are a working woman. You come home tired after whole day of hard work; therefore it is more feasible if you cook some simple yet toothsome recipes for your children. We take you through 10 amazing recipes your children and family will enjoy. These are wholesome, nutritious and delicious. Here they are:

1.Baked chicken macarony with cheese and herbs

Cheesy macaroni is always a delight for children, why not make it healthier by adding some baked chicken for those extra units of proteins and sprinkle it with some Italian herbs.

2.Cheesy mushroom delight

Take a slice of bread spread some butter and sauce add those juicy mushrooms along with some garden fresh vegetables and at last top it up with liquid and mozzarella cheese. Bake it and have it.

3.Pizza with olives and baby corns everybody loves pizzas

Make them healthier by adding olives and baby corns and cheese. Sprinkle in some Italian seasoning and chili flakes and enjoy!

4.Hakka noodles

Hakka noodles contain exotic green vegetables and various chilies. Add a twist by cooking them in olive oil. Make it delicious and nutritious

5. Apple pie

apple contains high amount of iron and fiber. Surely, nobody will like to have it every day, make apple pie with that delicious loaf and honey. It will be the most perfect dessert to end your dinner with.

6. Honey and butter pancakes

Toss up some pancakes with a mixture of honey and butter. These are mouth watering and simple to make. Be careful with that pan though! Always use the best non stick pans.

7.Brownie with hot chocolate

The most amazing dessert to be ever on the face of earth. It’s not that complicated to make. A little chocolate syrup and slice of your favorite vanilla ice cream to serve with. Here you go!

8.Chicken butter masala and Indian breads

You can call it the all time favorite North Indian food. Chicken made in butter and gravy made from the best Indian spices and some delicious Indian bread to serve with. Sheer delight it is going to be!

9.Chocolate milkshake

Milk is a raw source of protein and calcium. Children do not like to drink milk that often, add some cocoa powder and half slice of their favorite chocolate, shake it. Toss some ice and cream and serve chilled!

10. Lastly

Try out some flavored popcorns like cheese or tomato popcorn or may be strawberry or caramel popcorn!

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