10 laws children need to know about social media

10 laws children need to know about social media

Social media has been ever increasing the last five years or so. Social media is also very attractive and addictive. Our children have also started using social media. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using social media. We as parents should teach our children different rules and laws that they need to adhere to so that they can get benefits and handle social media well. Here are a few laws and rules that your child must know about social media:

1. Disclosing personal information is risky

Talk to your children about the ill effects of disclosing their personal information on social media. Just the name and the city are more than enough. If your child is giving his phone number, residential address, he is risking his as well as your privacy.

2. Children’s Online Privacy Protect Act (COPPA)

This Act protects the personal information of a child who is under the age of 13 years. Parents should see that the child doesn’t give a fake age if he is below 13. This ensures safety towards your child.

3. Do not let your child lie

Do not set examples where your child will learn to lie on the social media. Remember there might be severe consequences for you as well as your child. Tell him to write his real age. Age is the most important factor on social media.

4. Problems of explicit photos

Your child might not know what can happen to the pictures that he shares. Especially in the case of a girl child. Teach your son/daughter about what type of photos they should share. In no case should they become victims of explicit materials.

5. Hacking: this sounds a very modern and cool term

Young children might try and hack the accounts of people, tell the risks associated with hacking. They might be imprisoned for unethically hacking.

6. Harassing and bullying

Your child might get into the habit of harassing or bullying maybe a friend or a same age relative via mobile phones or online websites. Parents should well understand that cyber bullying can put your child as well as the other person (i.e. the victim) into deep trouble.

7. Children under the age of 13 are not mature enough to make wise online decisions

You should guide them with all the rules and regulations and the law of land so that whatever time they spend on social media is only for recreational and educative purposes.

8. Alternative sites for children

Children should be aware of social media sites which have been specifically designed for children. Here they are well protected as all their contents are being monitored by authorities.

9. Check what sites you visit

Sites like Facebook are adult intended, there might be sexual content on the website, there might also be illegal sharing of data. Try and avoid using such sites in front of your children.

10. Lastly, set time limit for your children

Late night chatting or usage of social media is unnecessary. Be strict and rigid; do not your child use social media for longer hours.

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